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What we are all about

Sick of the same old trail? looking for something new but don't want to get lost? we have you covered! is a Social media website that connects adventure travelers with local Trail Guides offering a place to stay and an experience of a life time. Find your vacation from the everyday grind. We offer a variety of vacations and Guides From Hiking, Dirt biking, Mountain Biking, Snowmobiling, Horse back riding, ATVS and UTVs.  So Go ahead create your profile today and share your experiences and beautiful views.

Trail Guiders RULES


Trail and our users do not want to hear about your political agendas.  We are here to  share our common love for nature and the trails that lead us to Peace and serenity. Any and all political posts will be Deleted unless they are in regards to opening access to more trails.

Rule 2) No Hate

Like I said before we are all here for the love of the outdoors no matter what vessel we use to get there. This is a place where ATV riders , Dirt bikers, mountain bikers, hikers, and snowmobile riders can unite. Respect goes a long way so share a smile and always help a fellow Trail lover in need.  Hate and or slander of any kind is strictly prohibited.

3) Safety and Responsibly

Please be responsible and respectful. We want you to have fun but not at the cost of others safety. know your limits and try not to push them. This is not a race. Enjoy the views and enjoy the challenge but it is your responsibility to communicate with the guide your concerns and issues. Please no use of drugs or alcohol on the trails. Don't be THAT GUY who ruins it for everyone else. If your THAT GUY or GIRL we will delete your account and make a statement on your behalf of who you are and why you ruined it for our users.
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