Waver and Physical fitness Form

WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT This is a Waiver and Release of your legal rights, and an Agreement not to sue Trail Guider LLC its, contractors or employees. Serious Injury or Death may result from participating in recreational activities such as Dirt biking, ATVs, Hiking, Mountain biking, horseback riding, Snowmobiling or any other activates Trailguider.com offers. The undersigned (Releasor”) executes this Waiver and Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (“Release) and hereby states and agrees as follows: Customer or Parent/Guardian’s Name:  [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507209588678″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Customers Name” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ]    [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210087156″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Email” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210113388″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Home Adress” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210135911″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”City” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ]  [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210155755″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”State” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210174895″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Zip Code” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ]  [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210201116″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Phone, Cell Phone” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ]

[esigtextarea name=”esig-sif-1507210349189″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”small” label=” Emergency Contact: Name, Address, Phone, Cell Phone, Relationship ” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ]

  • I  [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1507210360887″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Name” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] am aware of the risks of injury and death inherent in recreational activities (including the operation of ATV’s) and I acknowledge that I have read this entire Wavier and Release. I hereby expressly assume all risk associated with all such recreational activities. I hereby release, waive and discharge Ryan Zarick and Trail guider LLC, their employees, Private Contractors, any landowners or lessors allowing Trail guider to use their land for recreational activities and all other persons or entities acting on their behalf, (referred to as “Releasees”), from all liability to me and my spouse, legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns, for any and all loss, injury or damage, and any and all claims arising on account of injury to my person or property or my death while I am engaged in any recreational activity in any way operated, managed or coordinated by Trail Guider LLC.


  • I hereby waive my right to sue Trail Guider LLC and the aforementioned landowner on account of injury to my person or property, or my death while engaging in recreational activities.


  • I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Releases from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur due to my presence in, upon, or around property being used for the recreational activity for the purpose of or due to my participation in such activity.


  • By signing this document, I agree and acknowledge that I may be giving up important legal rights and remedies available to myself, my family, my heirs, successors and assigns.


  • I am aware that outdoor recreational activities can be hazardous


  • I understand that Trails are ever changing and hazards can arise at any given time that my Guide may be unaware of, Trail Guider and its Contractors are not responsible for any changes in the trails and it is my responsibly to ride at my own pace and expect the unexpected.


  • I understand that I may sustain loss, damage or injury to person or property resulting from or in any way connected with transporting or use of equipment furnished by Trail Guider LLC or their agents.


  • I understand that the use of an ATV and related equipment furnished by Trail Guider LLC and it Contractors constitutes an acceptance of said equipment on a lease basis “AS IS”. I agree to pay for any damage done to said equipment or property of others.


  • If I fail to return any or all equipment used by me in the participation of the recreational activity, I agree to reimburse Trail Guider LLC and its Contractors for the amount of replacement cost. If Trail Guider is required to search for property or equipment used by me in the participation of this activity due to irresponsible actions by me, I will pay for said search.


  • I agree to not use drugs or Alcohol while on a guides, If i choose to disobey this agreement i am responsible for any  injury’s or death I may Inflict on myself or others and will pay for all Expenses associated with my misconduct. 


  • I agree to follow Each Guides set of rules and any property damage i cause will be paid for by me. 




  • Trail Guider LLC Agreement I/we understand that by signing this agreement I/we will follow all rules, sign waivers, and respect all property. I/we will use caution at all time.


  • . I/we will pack out any and all garbage brought in and understand I/we are limited to designated trail areas ONLY.  If found off trails, not respecting others, the property or harassing of animals you will be asked to leave with no refund. I/we agree any damage I/we incur while on a guide will be at my/our expense. If choose to camp on any guides property all guidelines above also apply. Trail Guider LLC is not responsible for accidents or any lost of stolen property and understand I/we are riding at our own risk. Trail Guider LLC has the right to refuse anyone. 
  • Thank you for Your Cooperation and Understanding. We hope you enjoy your Experience and look forward to seeing you again.

      If Signing for a Minor: If no Minor Type None:  [esigtextarea name=”esig-sif-1507214377091″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”small” label=” Name, Address, Date of birth, Relationship ” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] 


Physical Fitness Information and Waver 

I  [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1508429357650″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”First Name” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] [esigtextfield name=”esig-sif-1508429364559″ verifysigner=”undefined” size=”undefined” label=”Last Name” displaytype=”border” required=”1″ ] do for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, certify
to  Trail Guider LLC that I am in good health and know of no physical or
medical reasons why I should not partake in any Activities or events offered by Trail guider LLC ; and I do release
and discharge Trail Guider LLC its Contractos, employees, volunteers and owners 
 from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of actions and suits at law
or in equity for any and on account of any and all injuries, disabilities, physical and
mental diseases, damage, Death, losses and expenses that may be sustained by me
now or hereafter, as a result of my participation in said Activities or events. [esigtodaydate]

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